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Your Business Can Benefit From A Commercial Generator

Uncategorized / September 3, 2018

commercial generatorThe lights are off at your business and the only sound that can be heard are employee’s voices after a disaster or power grid failure. Image the losses Delta Airlines suffered last August due to its lost power outage at its operation center in Atlanta, which resulted in 2,000 flight cancellations!

1) Backup generators can keep your business running when disaster strikes or when the area power grid fails.

Today’s generators can kick start in a matter of seconds and models can connect to your businesses LP or natural gas lines. On or off site, open or closed, there are systems that work automatically to power your business’s crucial hard-wired systems such as computers, security systems, freezers, AC, heat, and other vital operating equipment.

2) What about computer systems?

Power failure can cause many issues with a computer system especially if your business has a 24/7 reliance on computer systems. Even with the first backup for emergency power, it’s a good idea to have a parallel emergency backup. It also goes without saying a backup generator is also crucial to maintain the security of your office and your data during a power outage.

3) A generator protects your revenue stream and your inventory.

Beyond down time and restoration to normal operation, it’s also important to recognize the importance of climate control for keeping your inventory at the required temperatures, especially if they are frozen or heated products.

Without commercial generators in place, a power outage could lead to a serious loss in revenue and could potentially damage your brand’s reputation. Caldwell Electrical Contractors, LLC has a solution that fits any business. We represent many makes and models and provide preventive maintenance solutions for your commercial generators. We also sell and service residential and mobile/RV generators. Whatever your needs are, we can help! Contact Daniel Caldwell to learn more!