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Maintenance, Reactive or Preventative?

Uncategorized / September 3, 2018

Maintenance strategies fall someplace between reactive system (a run-till-failure approach) and a preventative computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). The intent of this article is to help be reflective in the responsibilities to keep a business running.

Reactive vs. preventive
The faltering health begins the minute equipment is powered up. The continuous activity undertaken to maintain short and long term performance is solely dependent on the two types of maintenance activities: reactive maintenance and preventative maintenance.

Reactive maintenance is, as the name suggests, maintenance carried out to remedy a failure or incident. Replacing broken tool parts on a machine, restarting overloaded machinery or debugging a software error are examples of are reactive maintenance.

Preventive maintenance, by comparison, focuses on preventing failures or incidents by promptly replacing or repairing equipment during routine shutdowns/inspections before they fail and cause trouble during operation.

Choosing between which method depends a lot on budget and critical nature of the application. Reactive maintenance is relatively low-cost in itself, but depending on the criticality of processes in question, the shutdown/failure cost could be very significant. Similarly, preventive maintenance incurs much higher costs, but the potential shutdown and damage averted can save a significant amount of operating expense.

Which strategy is right? A safety first approach is best. A very general approach to choosing a maintenance strategy is to evaluate average failure cost against average maintenance cost and choose the lower cost.

preventative maintenanceWhatever your preventive maintenance processes, safety is our number one concern. If you would like to review your electrical safety maintenance, we are glad to help.