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Medical Care and Power Generation

Uncategorized / September 3, 2018

KohlerHealth care organizations are pushed to its limits and thus, patients that still require medical care are being released from hospitals and medical institutions. As a result, people are using a wide array of technological devices to provide medical care services at their own homes. People are using these devices not only for their own medical care but to provide medical assistance to others as well. These technologies provide support for both chronic and non-chronic diseases as well as help patients with special needs adopt a more comfortable lifestyle. Apart from these technologies, there are medications that require being refrigerated. From the numerous technological devices to the medications that require being constantly refrigerated, all these aspects of home medical care require batteries or electricity.

In a way then this makes the comfort and well-being of your loved ones you are caring for dependent on electricity. A scenario where you suddenly face a power outage, therefore, can even be fatal under serious conditions. A patient using an oxygen machine running on electricity would be unable to use their device in the case the electricity supply fails. Major power outages lasting for several hours on end are getting more and more common in the US especially due to the ever changing and harsh weather conditions. In such times, and such circumstances, one cannot afford to be rid of electrical supply. It would be a nightmare.

A survey documented major power outages in the US through the years and considered only those electricity failures that affected a number of 50,000 people and above. The results showed that they have increased tenfold through the years. Reports state that severe weather is the major cause for this. Between 2003 and 2012 there have been 679 cases of power outages spread over huge areas. These cause a loss of billions of dollars to the economy and they are only ever increasing in number. Where in the 1980s, power outages as a result of severe weather numbered below 30, in 2012 that number was touching 150! Storms and severe weather, hurricanes, extreme heat and wildfires, and tornadoes are the major cause for this. The number of hurricanes and tornadoes has also increased significantly in the last few years and it is a major contributing factor to this problem.

We cannot control the weather and although industries and businesses suffer the most in terms of monetary losses due to these power failures, they have their backup power plans and supplies and those that didn’t, are quickly catching up on the subject. Long term power outages although can be extremely unpleasant and inconvenient for everyone, there is something that could be harmed because of these which cannot be laid a price on. The human life. People and patients subject to medical care and assistance at homes are the ones most at danger as a result of these electricity failures. Others with special needs require machinery operating on electricity for even the simplest of tasks.

Breathing machines including respirators and ventilators, power wheelchair and scooters, suction machines, and oxygen and home dialysis equipment are just a few of the devices used in homes that require power. While some of them are only aids in helping people being independent and leading a comfortable and better life, others are absolutely necessary for keeping a person alive. An emergency situation arising where such lifesaving equipment is unavailable or even just a long-term power outage without providing a substitute for these devices can be fatal.

A loss in power, therefore, can cause serious and significant issues. With a failure in electricity supply, you lose the use of not only medical equipment relying on power but also refrigerators and air conditioners, the use of which is just as necessary for people suffering from certain medical conditions. An important and expensive medication that needs to be refrigerated could be rendered useless because of an electricity downfall. Furthermore, dealing with children having intense sensory needs, autism, or other special needs can also be very challenging under such a situation.

Kohler 20KW Generator Houston TXAn uninterrupted supply of electricity is therefore vital under such situations. This calls for a suitable backup power supply for your home. The solution is an automatic standby generator. Automatic standby generators kick in immediately as soon as your power goes out and ensure an interrupted power supply so that you don’t face any difficulties. The system is hardwired into the electrical supply system of your home, which allows these generators to start providing you with uninterrupted electricity as soon as there is a power cut. They use natural gas or propane gas as fuels which make them emit less noise, ideal for homes so that you are not disturbed by the loud noise. These generators are safer than portable generators and can power all the necessary household equipment that needs electricity. Keep your air, heating and cooling systems running alongside all kinds of computers, televisions, refrigerators and every other electrical device. Most importantly, keep the necessary medical equipment and devices running for as long as necessary in the unfortunate event of a power outage.

Long term power outages can occur for a number of reasons and it can never be assumed for certain how long repairs and the continuation of power supply could take. As their number continues to grow, backup power supply generators become important for every home, however, they are an absolute necessity for places and people using medical devices, equipment or systems that require electricity. The uninterrupted shift from electricity supply to your own generator will make you feel like nothing has changed.

The human life cannot be laid a price upon. The acquisition of an automatic standby generator not only provides the solution to long term power outages, it also gives you the peace of mind that you and your loved ones are safe and will remain calm and comfortable in the case of an emergency. Let electrical supply failure not become a hindrance in performing your day to day activities and put human life at great risk and danger.