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AC/DC Systems Repair and Services

Caldwell Electrical Contractors (CEC) provides electrical systems servicing to commercial and industrial businesses, with a focus on safety, arc flash avoidance, and optimal uptime. Our certified electrical technicians have decades of experience troubleshooting AC/DC systems and know what to look for in every situation imaginable.

In addition to our troubleshooting services, we also offer AC/DC testing and repair. Using cutting edge thermal imaging technology and arc flash surveys, Caldwell Electrical Contractors will help ensure your avoid electrical hazards and downtime due to power outages and machine failure. We also help provide preventative maintenance for AC/DC drives to make sure your equipment exceeds its life expectancy and maintains optimal energy efficiency.

If you need help AC/DC system troubleshooting, testing, or repair, give our electrical engineers a call and see how we can help!

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