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What Services does your business need?

Caldwell Electric Contractors provides Consulting Services, Design/Build services, and Electrical Engineering Services.

What is Design/Build?

Design/Build is a collaboration of a business owner or representative(s) meeting with our firm for renovation, new construction, additions or energy savings projects. Although most owners know what they want the end result to be, often they do not know how to get there.In the end they still benefit from an electrical contractor to perform the intricate installation. Using Design/build as a project delivery method allows the electrical contractor to provide early input into the construction process and design that saves the owner time and money. This delivery method of construction differs from the standard form of design-bid-build which adds many steps to the owner’s process, typically adding costs over the design/build approach. Contact us today if you are looking for the most cost effective construction process to find out how we can provide these services in a timely manner.

How can my business benefit from consulting?

Caldwell Electrical Contractors has had countless customers over the years who did not know what their electrical systems were or what they even needed to do with their systems. Through consulting we can provide you with the information you need to perform maintenance, examine multiple processes to increase production, reduce down time, or conduct an electrical evaluation of your system. Other benefits to consulting include reviewing new electrical systems Improperly installed by other electrical contractors. Perhaps you are continuing to experience electrical issues or you want to know if the job was installed and invoiced with integrity , Our experts can come in and provide you with a written report of the installation including images, NEC Code references, and cost estimates for each completed phase This oversight will save your bottom line.

When Do You Need Electrical Engineering?

Have you been informed by your local planning and zoning or permit office you that you are required to have an electrical engineered or stamped drawing set? Or are you looking at a renovation, new construction, addition, energy upgrade, NFPA 70e Arc Flash Evaluation, or drawings of your existing electrical system? Our electrical experts can provide those services for you. We have worked with cities and counties all across the southeast to engineer and permit that insures progress with your important project.

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