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Commitment to Customers Earns
Caldwell Electrical Contractors, Inc.
Small Business of the Year Award

Today’s Caldwell Electrical has an expansive customer base that reaches into nearly every business in Hall County. That scope of influence, as a result of Caldwell’s unwavering commitment to the customer, is the reason that the Hall County Chamber of Commerce named them Small Business of the Year.
After 30 years of service, customers have come to know that CEC is available day or night, weekends or holidays. This dependability includes a customer base in manufacturing, packaging, food processing, poultry facilities, schools, churches, airports, retail stores, doctors offices, hospitals, poultry facilities, banks, and with local and state municipalities .


Georgia Power Line
Connect here for the latest from Caldwell Electric and Georgia Power!

Caldwell Electrical Contractors: A Certified Georgia Power Business Alliance Partner

When Every Minute Counts
This past spring Caldwell Electrical Contractors was called upon to recondition a switch for a Southeast chicken processing plant. Without the functioning switch, 1,100 employees could only wait. Every minute meant hundreds of dollars lost. Daniel Caldwell was able to call in long-time suppliers from Texas to help get the job done. This included chartering a private jet to fly to DFW to get the replacement part. Instead of having to wait several days to resume work, Caldwell was able to facilitate repairs and have the plant running within 24 hours.

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What’s This?

Your Chance to Win Lunch on Terry

Each month we will include a photo and ask you “what’s this?” Just send in your best guess and the winner will get lunch on Terry. Email your answer to  Daniel@caldwell-electric.com . Good luck!

Be sure to check back next quarter for the answer and winner, as well as for another shot to win lunch on Terry.

Safety—First, Second, and Last

Arc Flash
Every year 2,000 workers are admitted to burn centers for extended injuries caused by arc flash. This is when energy produced from an electric arc instantly releases enough energy to cause substantial damage, even injury and death. Arc flash temperatures can exceed 35,000°F which is four times hotter than the surface of the sun. The substantial amount of energy released in the arc flash will vaporize electrical conductors as well as equipment components. The force of an arc flash can blast molten metal and shrapnel outward at speeds exceeding the velocity of a 45-caliber handgun.
At Caldwell Electrical our approach is two-fold, combining the old-fashioned essentials and attention to detail that will get you into compliance with
OSHA and NFPA along with our hard work that includes state of the art arc flash engineering software and streamlined operations. These will ensure outstanding results and are essential when dealing with arc flash.

Arc flash is not isolated to manufacturing facilities. It is also common to power plants, factories, office buildings, warehouses, distribution centers, airports, water plant treatment facilities, and even ships. It can be generated by accidental contact with electrical components, incorrect working procedures, lack of preventative maintenance, conductive dust, corrosion, dropped tools, improper installation, and equipment failure.
Standards of safety are updated every three years and the new standards will go into effect for 2016. Companies need to be compliant or have something in the works to comply with the new standards. The rules are complex and Caldwell Electrical is a great resource for arc flash risk management.
Caldwell Electrical can help reduce arc flash injuries and fatalities by increasing workplace safety and consequently protecting your company from liability or from being fined by OSHA. We can help you identify equipment and components that present a significant risk of arc flash including switchboards, panelboards, industrial control panels, meter socket enclosures, and motor control centers.

For photos of arc flash and more information from the National Fire Protection Association, check out this link.

TECH TIP: Free Energy Audit     

  • CEC, in partnership with Georgia Power will conduct a complete facility Energy Audit.


  • Energy loss, overloads, new technology, and improvements will be summarized in an easy-to-read report.


  • CEC can provide a detailed pricing proposal including ROI calculations.


  • LED lighting: What’s my ROI on LED lighting?


  • When the grid is down, does a backup generator make sense?


  • Adding motion sensors to your commercial as well as home lighting can save hundreds or even thousands of energy dollars!


  • This is a great time to address those costly monthly concerns, all free of charge.
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