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Who’s That Who Won The “What ‘s This?”

Congratulations to the Winner of our last “What’s This?” contest.  Lamar Hughes of Ceramic Tile Services, Inc. in Gainesville, GA.  So what was that? It was an emergency battery backup ballast for a fluorescent light fixture which is typically found in commercial lighting.  If power is lost, this backup ballast serves as your power source for egress lighting.

What’s This? You Tell Us!                         

Your Chance to Win Lunch on Terry!

Each month we will include a photo and ask you “what’s this?” Just send in your best guess and the winner will get lunch on Terry. Email your answer to daniel@caldwell-electric.com . Good luck!

Be sure to check back next quarter for the answer and winner, as well as for another shot to win lunch on Terry.

“In Case Of Emergency “, Our Generator Projects Serve.

CEC has been fortunate to provide Emergency Generators in many communities but a recent one for the City of Cumming stands out.   A recent high profile project included a 2500 KW Emergency Generator for their Water Intake Plant on Lake Lanier and a  1500 KW Emergency Generator for their Filtration facility.  From excavation to final watering the sod, the versatile team of CEC worked in multiple disciplines to get the job done right without delays.  

We have supplied equipment and services to businesses in a wide variety of industries including manufacturing, packaging, schools, airports, retail, doctor’s offices, hospital, poultry feed mills, food processing, and more. Click to see some of the brands we carry and you should consider for your project. 

Some of the Generator Projects we’ve worked on include: 

  • Athens-Clarke -Two 125 KW 911 Emergency Generators
  • City of Alpharetta – A 125 KW 911 Emergency Generator
  • University of North Georgia Dahlonega – A 125 KW Emergency Generator
  • Rockdale County – Four 80 KW Emergency Generators
  • Dekalb County – Three Emergency Generators
  • Athens-Clarke –   250 KW, 100 KW, and 50 KW Emergency Generators
  • Dekalb County – Six Emergency Generators
  • City of Cumming – A 2500 KW Water Intake Plant and a 1500 KW Filtration Plant Emergency Generators  

Want to know more about the commercial generators we carry or would you like for us to size, design and engineer your project?   Please call us at 770-531-7890.

Severe Weather and Risk Management –

Weather-related outages have increased significantly since 1992 according to data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration.  A recent Congressional Research Service study estimates the inflation-adjusted cost of weather-related outages at $25 to $70 billion annually (Campbell 2012). 

The costs of outages take various forms including lost output and wages, spoiled inventory, delayed production, inconvenience and damage to the electric grid. Continued investment in grid modernization and resiliency will mitigate these costs over time – saving the economy billions of dollars and reducing the hardship experienced by millions of Americans when extreme weather strikes.

Evaluate your risk management plan and your business resilience before the clouds roll in. Caldwell aligns with Georgia Power in providing assistance in developing a custom program through an energy audit.

Should you consider Replacement LED Bulbs over T8 Fluorescent Tubes?


  • LED Replacement Bulbs are 30% More Efficient
  • More light from an LED replacement bulb and less wattage.  With some LED replacement bulbs, 17-22 watts vs 28-32 watts per lamp.   
  • LED Is a Directional Light Source  Get the light where you need it!  LED replacement bulbs emit light at a 110-degree pattern vs the 360-degree pattern given off by T8 fluorescent bulbs. In this case, only 30% of the light given off by the T8 fluorescent is actually hitting the intended target.  Opinions vary so feel free to invite us to your business.  
  • LED Transfer Light vs. Heat.  An LED fixture uses energy to produce light, not creating heat. 
  • LED replacement bulbs life is approximately 50,000 hours.  In order to keep up with LED, you will have to replace the T8 bulbs 3.5 times
  • Friendlier to the Environment  LED Replacement Bulbs Have No Mercury.  
  • LED lighting reduces eye strain and eye fatigue because it does not emit any light in the “non-visible light spectrum (UV).  Fluorescent T8 bulbs produce UV. 
  • LED Makes Air Conditioning More Efficient.   The LED generates less heat.  Less heat means that the Air Conditioning system does not have to work as hard and is another form of energy savings. 

What Do You Think?   Tell us your opinions in a note to Terry. daniel@caldwell-electrical.com  Are you going to try it?  Let us know, we would be interested in learning more about your thoughts. 

Dirt Track Racing – Saturday Night fun!!
Looking for some family fun Saturday Night that’s a better deal than the movies?  How about Dirt Track Racing?  Make plans to cheer on the CEC powered Stock Series 4 cars driven by Lawrence Miller #15 or the 98 car driven by David Nash.  Winder Barrow Speedway  is just a country mile southeast of Gainesville or head over to Hartwell Speedway  for an exciting night of racing!   What’s your plan for Saturday Night?   

Serving the Community

 ESP means Extra Special People Inc. located in Watkinsville Georgia. ESP strives to enhance the lives of children with developmental disabilities and their families by focusing on their abilities – not disabilities. 

CEC is providing electrical materials and labor at cost for ESP’s activity center for Children and Teens.  The project is about midway to completion and ESP wanted to show off the projects progress.

If you would like to make a child with developmental disabilities not just survive, but THRIVE, please donate by CLICKING HERE.
Left to right – Kalon Carpenter: Coordinator of Recreational Programs, ESP, Jake Sapp: Coordinator of Program Operations,ESP,  Terry Morrisey, Laura Whitaker: Executive Director, ESP, Anna Berrier: Coordinator of Administration & Family Support, ESP

ESP Staff, Volunteers, and Contributors take an opportunity to see the work in progress.

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