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Who’s That Who Won The “What’s This?”


“What’s this?” is a thermal image of three conductors connected to phase lugs. It was correctly identified by James Neal.  Congratulations James, lunch is on us!   

How Many Tools are in TJ’s Truck?

Take a Guess and Win Lunch on Terry!

TJ’s truck at Caldwell-Electric is filled with all type of tools. Electricians can be called upon to perform carpentry, masonry, plumbing, landscaping, mechanical, concrete as well as electrical construction and repairs. So, guess many different tools are in his work truck?  Closest guess gets a free lunch on Terry. Email your answer to daniel@caldwell-electric.com . Good luck!

Be sure to check back next quarter for the answer and winner, as well as for another shot to win lunch on Terry.

Brenau University – Brighter and brighter everyday!  


“Visitors to the Brenau University Pearce Auditorium are greeted by beautiful LED lights at the Grace Hooten Moore Fountain.  Light colors can be controlled to match any venue theme.  The lighting project was recently completed by Caldwell Electrical Contractors.

Dozens of Employees in the Dark After Electrical Arc Flash


Cottrell Trailers is the industry leader in over-the-road car haulers and equipment. Recently, CEC professionals were called for emergency service that had dozens of employees in the dark as a result of an electrical arc flash.  Loose connections on breakers caused two major failures in the circuit panel.  CEC installed a temporary solution to keep the day shift and the upcoming night shift operational while new parts were ordered for immediate delivery. Parts arrived, crew dispatched, permanent repair completed and our customer has minimal downtime. This is an example of how CEC keeps its customer’s production going day and night.

Thank you to your team for their quick response to our power issues in Shop 6 yesterday. I appreciate the way CEC handles emergency situations. Everyone had a sense of urgency to determine and repair the issue. It is a pleasure to work with you, and your people.” 

                        – Stephen Brown, Facilities Engineering Superintendent

Power for Your Home

Your home is your safe place. So what happens when its compromised during a power outage?  How well prepared are you and your household for such an event?  Food spoiling in the refrigerator, food thawing in the freezer, Air conditioning is out, everyone sweltering. Power outages can last for hours, even days.  No lights and no security system.  What are you to do besides sit and wait. Luckily, with a little help from CEC, there is a solution. The solution: An in-home generator which can be easily installed and provide you peace of mind that your home will always be your safe place.

You may be pleasantly surprised how affordable an installed residential generator can be!  It’s not too early to plan for Mother Nature’s wrath. Call today to discuss the options available for your home.

UPS or UPS?  

They Are Different

The United Parcel Service and an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) are both delivery systems that focus on keeping the world running smoothly.  UPS (not the parcel delivery one) is a device that turns on IMMEDIATELY when a power interruption occurs!  

With any business, crucial power loss for data-voice networks (critical switches), IT hardware (including servers) or data transfers creates challenges and undue expenses.  A UPS’s job is to prevent that event from happening. With a UPS installed by CEC, your critical data is safe and your business operations infrastructure is protected!  

As you consider the digital age and power needs for your business, consider a 30-minute visit with Caldwell Electrical Contractors to discuss the impact of a millisecond interruption of power or a review of your current UPS.   Consider the 10 questions below prior to your FREE Consultation.  
1) What size UPS do you need? (kVa or amperage)
2) What voltage is currently available at your site?
3) What voltage do you need?
4) What runtime do you need?
5) Are there any clearances or size constraints?
6) Do you have bypass requirements?
7) What types of input and output connections are required?
8) Is there a generator onsite?
9) Does the UPS need to be scalable?
10) Do you need redundancy? 

Call  today (770) 508-3842 for a FREE Consultation or click here to email Caldwell Electrical Contractors.    


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