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Michael Garner
2 months ago
Caldwell electrical is the best electrical contractor i have ever had the pleasure to work for. We are the most professional, productive, and knowledgeable team you will ever meet.
Stan McDonald

Stan McDonald
1 review
2 years ago
We had several companies look at our place. We asked some hard question of them. Doug Wilson answered all and we chose to buy from them because answers were realistic and references were remarkable. We also knew first hand how employees …More
Thank you Mr. McDonald for sharing your compliments about Caldwell Electrical Contractors and for your kind words about our team member Doug Wilson. Although being on time and professional is important, we are most thankful for the positive outcome for your family’s health and safety issues. Thank you for the opportunity to serve.
Stacey Reece
a year ago
Caldwell Electric is an outstanding company. Very reputable and is known for their dedicated electricians.
Joyce Stevenson
a year ago
Excellent company that actually cares about their clients and employees. Highly recommend them.
Ashleigh Kovach
a year ago
Caldwell Electrical is a great group of hometown people who will take care of your electrical needs!
Katie Campbell
a year ago
They were on time and finished the job in a professional manner.
Morgan Smith
howard parker
a year ago