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Design Build & Engineering

Caldwell Electrical Contractors offer electrical consulting, design/build help, new system design and installation, troubleshooting, testing, repair, and all manner of electrical engineering services to commercial and industrial businesses of all shapes and sizes.

What is Electrical Design/Build?

Design/Build is a service wherein the owner of a company (or a representative) meets with an electrical engineering service such as Caldwell Electrical Contractors (CEC) to discuss their electrical needs when undertaking a renovation, new construction, addition, electrical system upgrade/expansion or energy saving project. We discuss the project details with the owner every step of the way, ensuring that they fully understand the steps it will take to complete the project to their exact specifications and energy needs.

Using Design/Build as a project delivery method allows our electrical contractors to provide early input into the construction process and design that saves the owner time and money. This delivery method of construction is different than the standard format of design-bid-build, which adds many more steps to the owner’s process and time, typically adding costs to the owner over our design/build approach Caldwell Electrical Contractors provides. If you are looking for the most cost effective and timely construction process, contact our expert electrical engineers today <link> to find out more about our services!

Why Do You Need Electrical Consulting

As a business owner, your focus is on growing your business and expanding profits – Caldwell Electrical Contractors understands this. We further know that most business owners do not understand their electrical system or fully know their energy needs. This is where CEC’s electrical consulting comes into play. With our electrical consultation services, we can provide your company with the information you need to perform proper preventative (and proactive) maintenance. In addition, we look at multiple processes to help increase production, reduce down time, increase energy efficiency, and give your system an electrical evaluation to help eliminate power outages and arc flash instances.

Other steps in our electrical consulting service include reviewing new electrical system installations performed by other electrical contractors to ensure that your system was installed correctly and is working properly. If you need to know if your system is in top condition or you are having a lot of electrical issues, or you suspect your previous contractor was not being honest with you about their invoicing and actual work performed, our electrical technicians can provide you with a professional report of the installation, including images, NEC Code references, and cost estimates for each phase completed to keep your contractor honest and save your bottom line.

When Do You Need Electrical Engineering?

Has your local planning and zoning or permit office told you that you are required to have electrical engineered or stamped drawing sets? Or are you looking for a renovation, new construction, addition, electrical system installation/upgrade, NFPA 70e Arc Flash evaluation, or drawings of your existing electrical system? We can provide these – and other – electrical services for you. We have worked with cities and counties all across the southeast to ensure proper engineering and permit projects.

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