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Thermal Imaging

With our experience in the industrial electrical service industry, we know well the dangers that lurk behind panel covers, waiting for the worst moment to arise and become a business owner’s worst nightmare. In an industrial setting, this nightmare comes in the form of outages and costly breakdowns.

Through thermal imaging we can provide preventative maintenance and predictive maintenance.

Our approach for new equipment, is to start when thermal imaging when the equipment is new and started up. We then will annually record these images along with our equipment PM reports to verify voltage and amperage is consistent with the start-up commission reports.

Our approach for existing equipment, is to start a baseline. If the existing equipment is within manufacturers guidelines. We complete our start-up/commissioning reports.

If we find thermal issues, many times mechanical failures cause electrical problems and our thermal imaging can give you a view of the electric motors, bearings, gear boxes, pulleys, belts, etc to find the root cause and isolate the problems, giving the owner the options to repair these prior to failure and costly equipment breakdowns.

In addition to the above, our thermal imaging service offers the following benefits:


  • Downtime reduction
  • Equipment life expectancy increased
  • Reduce fire risks and safety hazards
  • Reduce equipment repair costs and replacements
  • Prevent machine failures
  • Increase profits, reduce insurance premiums, and lower energy costs

If you want to avoid or detect loose electrical connections, overloads, faulty equipment, open circuits, and other electrical issues, contact the maintenance experts at CEC today and ask about our thermal imaging solutions!