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Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) & Soft starts

Caldwell Electrical Contractors knows the importance of motor starting solutions and that is why we offer only the finest in AC or DC drive technology. When compared to traditional across the line starting, VFDs and soft starters offer a considerable power reduction, lowering energy consumption and monthly utility bills and VFDs allow for controlled speed of a motor.

In addition, these solutions increase both processing and quality standards in commercial and industrial applications, making them an ideal choice for businesses that operate in those sectors. Due to the nature of their function, variable frequency drives can also help reduce the stress on mechanical and electrical parts, leading to fewer equipment failures and longer machinery life.

If you are looking for variable frequency drives, motor starting solutions, programming, troubleshooting, or installation, call one of our electrical consultants today to see how Caldwell Electrical Contractors can help power your business!


  • Better process control 
  • Increased energy savings and energy efficicency
  • Increased lifespan of machinery
  • Reduce Starting Currents 
  • Reduction in required maintenance 
  • Torque variance versus constant torque
  • Variable Speed Control