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Electrical Arc Flash

Uncategorized / September 23, 2020

Simply put, Arc Flash is a violent event where flashover of electric current travels an untended path from one conductor to another, or to ground. Serious injury can occur to anyone close to a circuits proximity. Let’s review some basics of Arc Flash

Some Causes of Arc Flash

-Accidental Touching
-Dropping Tools
-Faulty Installation
-Material Failure

Some areas to review in your operation include;

Work Safety Practices including, Written Safety Program, Personal Protective Equipment, Insulated Tools, Energized Electrical Work Permit. What’s your current practices and do they follow current and approved arc flash safety protocols?

Understand and Review all Arc Flash Warning Labels on Equipment
Equipment operating at 50 volts or more and not put into a reenergized state must be evaluated for arc flash and shock protection. When is the last time equipment has been evaluated for arc flash?

Employees Obligation
Arc Flash Warning Labels provide employees with the requirements for their personal protective equipment needs including insulated tools and other related safety precautions. What equipment is in your facility and what employees are “qualified” to work on or near the circuit?

The most effective way to eliminate the risk of electrical shock or arch flash is to simply reenergize the equipment.

Safety is also our concern.